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How to Maintain Your Self-Tan for Lasting Radiance

01 May 2024
Unlock the secret to a longer-lasting, even tan with essential care tips that promise to keep your glow radiant and impeccable.

Avoid Streaky Self-Tan: The Essential Preparation Guide

01 May 2024

A flawless self-tan starts with the essential step of exfoliation. Discover how the Olverum Body Polish can enhance your tanning routine for a seamless, radiant glow.

Supercharge Your Body Firming: Embrace Confidence This Spring

26 Mar 2024 Revitalise your spring skincare with effective firming strategies, boosting confidence and embracing seasonal wellbeing.

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How Blocked Are You? Unblocking the Secrets to Spring-Ready Skin

01 Mar 2024 Address winter skin woes: dryness, dullness, breakouts, and clogged pores for a revitalised spring complexion.

Serotonin and Skin: Neurotransmitters causing havoc with your skin?

29 Jan 2024

Explore how stress affects skin health and self-esteem, and discover ways to enhance both in our latest blog.

#Wellness #Beauty

Embracing Flexible Intentions: A Mindful Guide to New Year's Goal Setting

05 Jan 2024 Discover the art of setting flexible intentions over rigid resolutions for a mindful New Year's goal setting approach.

Luxury Festive Gift Wrapping: The Furoshiki Way

30 Nov 2023

Discover the art of Furoshiki, the eco-luxe way to wrap gifts that reflects respect, tradition, and sustainability.

Beauty under scrutiny

26 Oct 2023 50% of household products feature Palm Oil. Why do we use it? What does it do? How can we be more respectful in our choices.

A restorative and nourishing night’s sleep is only a breathe away...

17 Oct 2023 Breathwork and Cold Water Therapy Expert, Anne Marie Gough, has joined forces with Olverum once more, this time to bring you a mini-series of breathwork rituals for sleep.

Empowering Sleep: Navigating Menopause with Better Sleep Habits

12 Sep 2023 Navigate menopause with better sleep. Learn spa-inspired rituals, essential oils, and science-backed solutions for restorative slumber.

The Art of Hair Oiling: Nourishing Your Hair and Scalp

11 Sep 2023

Nourish hair & scalp with ancient hair oiling. Boost shine, reduce breakage & soothe scalp. Discover the benefits & step-by-step guide.

Skin quenching with secrets from the Amazon. Saving your skin and the planet

03 Aug 2023

The ultimate in sustainability, the zero waste Amazonian Cacay nut oil, may be your definitive answer to Summer skin woes.

…and breathe. Skin health through facial pressure release

17 Jul 2023 Facial massage helps relieve tension and restore radiance, soothing jaw discomfort and eye strain from hormonal shifts and digital fatigue.

Beyond the mat. How scent can help boost your Yoga time

20 Jun 2023

Yoga and scent work in harmony to align mind and body, using breathwork to aid strength, clarity and positivity to enter a calm, meditative state.

Tapping: silencing the critical voice and remembering your power

30 May 2023 EFT Tapping is a tool of resilience to help reframe anxiety, PTSD and stress; creating a context of self-acceptance. Sarah Tobin, founder of Tapping for Mums; works with you to establish techniques and rituals to control negativity and reactivity.

Strength in your own skin

18 May 2023

We believe, that the essence of your skin health rests not in recovery, but in maintained wellbeing – day in, day out, putting the power firmly in your hands to help your body through life’s inevitable challenges.



Movement, strength: A body for life

26 Apr 2023 Our lives have become increasingly sedentary and driven by stress and pressure. Nathalie Clough, Founder of Lifebody maintains that Pilates is a foundation, it is something that remains steady and adaptable to your need. When everything else seems in flux – the repetition and habit offers a return to centre.

Inside Out: Glowing healthy skin starts from within.

21 Apr 2023 Our passion, heritage and know-how is in the transformative power of true oils. Understanding how raw ingredients and pure-pressed oils in our diet, can support the treatments we apply daily, may be the turn-key to the best skin of your life. Rich with nutrients to help fortify the skin, nourish our bodies and help defend our vitality from the onslaught of modern life.

Wellbeing World

11 Apr 2023


It is our responsibility to uphold the 3 pillars of sustainability, without compromise to performance and efficacy. Sometimes, finding raw ingredients transports us to the extremes of global conditions, where communities work in harmony with nature to harvest resources without creating imbalance.

Nutrition for Skin Renewal

24 Mar 2023

The biggest organ of our body, our skin, is responsible for so much more than we give it credit and yet in our modern day lives, our skin faces more onslaughts than ever before, there’s never been a more crucial time to take care of the skin you live in. 

Daily Habits of Self-Reflection: Restoring Your Essential YOU.

28 Feb 2023

Mindful habits of self-reflection help order your thoughts and affect positive change.

The goal is to rise with gratitude and rejuvenation, rest with gratitude and reflection and restore your essential you.

Luxury Manicure at Home

09 Mar 2023 The word ‘manicure’ denotes the treatment of the entire hand, not just the nails, and Olverum’s signature range can provide a full at-home handcare routine akin to those associated with the luxury manicurists of the now.

Follow Your Gut Instincts

22 Feb 2023

Our gut microbiome can influence our brain chemistry, mood and behaviour. A stressful mind-set can destabilise healthy gut bacteria, a cycle that demands a more holistic relationship with food.

Gather. Chew. Savour. Digest. Take time

Menopause: A Self-Love Journey

13 Feb 2023 Research shows a direct correlation with mental-health challenges and oestrogen level fluctuation. The episodes of “brain fog”, low mood and depression can be associated with these structural hormonal shifts.
Time to take care of ourselves.

Breathwork For Bathing

03 Feb 2023 The Ultimate Bathing Ritual with Anna Gough - Breathwork and Cold Water Therapy Specialist.  

Take a breath. Properly.

26 Jan 2023

Daily Habits of Self-Reflection: Restoring Your Essential YOU.

True self-reconnection is as much in the preparation as the action itself. Give permission to yourself to find stillness.

We are working with Breathwork Therapist Anna Gough to support your wellbeing with practical and insightful techniques.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

22 Dec 2022 How do we achieve good sleep in a world that is so busy, noisy and filled with constant demands? 

Skin in a spin: Winter Skin Survival.

21 Dec 2022

It doesn’t take much to disrupt the skin barrier as seasons shift. Biting winds, lack of humidity, temperature contrasts inside to out; it can all throw skin into a spin.

But, unsettled, problematic skin is not inevitable in Winter.

Facing Up to Festive Burnout

21 Dec 2022

Festive burnout is a real threat to starting your new year with a refreshed, positive mind-set.

It is very easy to feel flat at the end of the festivities.

We are here to help remind you of yourself.

Liquid Gold: the truth about oil and your skin

22 Nov 2022 Often shrouded in misunderstanding, perpetuated by the misuse of terminology; oils should be celebrated with passion, through truth and understanding

Beauty Sleep: Science or Fiction

04 Nov 2022

When we sleep, vital biological resources are replenished following the onslaught of daily environmental and lifestyle aggressors.

Your brain, your skin and the cycle of stress

21 Oct 2022

Your brain, your skin and the cycle of stress

Complexion imbalance can cause stress affecting wellbeing.

Skin is reactive to the environment and our psychological status.

Good habits support relaxation and help neutralise the impact of Cortisol.

Hormones, Happiness & Health – a Brief Guide for Women

07 Oct 2022

90 Years: Pioneering Philosophy, the science of scent

28 Sep 2022

For 90 years, we’ve created with principle, passion and the pursuit of excellence.

We transcend function, we are part of your armoury to tackle life’s challenges.

Our heritage - your wellbeing.

The Secrets of Body Cleansing

07 Sep 2022

Respectful Cleansing

Skin is remarkable, relentlessly safeguarding against external pathogens.

Cleansing can impair barrier function, leaving skin compromised.


Considered cleansing ensures skin remains fortified. 

Checking in: Send your skin to Summer rehab

26 Aug 2022

Rehydrate, Restore, Replenish – the keys to radiance and recovery.

Glowing Summer skin can be deceptive.  

Overexposed skin can be unsettled and need some TLC.

Essential Oils and Pregnancy: Sniffing out the facts and making scents of it all

21 Jun 2022

Rest and mind-space are crucial to improving the stress of motherhood. Our honest approach to finding ways to use essential oils to through a healthy pregnancy and beyond. 

Shape up your wellbeing

13 May 2022

Investing in mental health and wellbeing takes time and effort - but it’s essential for a happy, healthy life. Try these 7 tips to get started.

7 herbs and botanicals for skin radiance from within

29 Mar 2022

Want radiant, glowing skin? Try these 7 Ayurvedic herbs proven to improve skin elasticity, clear blemishes and give you stunning skin the natural way.

The Science of Sleep

09 Sep 2021 Dive deep into the world of a good night’s sleep. From hormones, brainwaves, repaired muscles, immune system, and energy levels – sleep is the answer.

The power of breath and creating a state of calm

16 Feb 2022

Learn how to create a state of calm through the power of breath. Dive into how you can activate and control your nervous system to enjoy the benefits.

Why Gua Sha could be the secret to perfect skin

04 Jan 2022

Discover the beauty tool that will give you perfect skin. Follow our skin expert’s steps to sculpt your skin with Gua Sha.

Beauty Buzzwords

10 Dec 2021 Decode your skincare ingredients and know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and why. Stay ahead of the beauty and skincare curve with skin expert and qualified facialist Fiona Brackenbury.

Creating the perfect base for the festive season by Annabel Jardella

17 Dec 2021 Annabel Jardella, Beauty Expert and creator of 360 Degree Skin Philosophy is our guest writer, bringing us the guide on ‘How to Create the Perfect Base for the Festive Season.’

Delicious Olverum Citrus Mulled Wine Recipe

24 Nov 2021
Treat your tastebuds to our Mulled Wine recipe. Our festive tipple is delicious, easy to make and has aromatherapeutic benefits worth talking about!

National Stress Awareness Day - 2 ways to reduce stress levels

03 Nov 2021

Learn how a bath can reduce pain, improve breathing, protect your immune system. From easy exercises in the bath to trying the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku. Discover the sensory experience that benefits your body, mind and overall wellbeing.

Fall in love with bathing again

04 Oct 2021