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Luxury Festive Gift Wrapping: The Furoshiki Way

Luxury Festive Gift Wrapping: The Furoshiki Way

In an era where eco-consciousness meets luxury, Olverum is delighted to reintroduce a time-honoured tradition from Japan: Furoshiki. This sustainable gift-wrapping method aligns perfectly with our values of wellness, beauty, and environmental responsibility. It's more than just a wrapping technique; it's an embodiment of luxury and tradition.

Furoshiki refers to a square piece of cloth used in Japan to wrap items and transport them. This method isn't new; it's deeply rooted in Japanese culture, with its origins linked to bathing practices. Traditionally, individuals would bundle their clothes in a Furoshiki cloth while they bathed, ensuring their items remained together and clean. Today, the practice has evolved, becoming a hallmark of sustainable, aesthetic, and thoughtful gift presentation.

In the rich tapestry of Japanese gift-giving customs, using Furoshiki harks back to its original intent: preservation and transport. Similar to how one would use a paper bag, it's traditional to present the gift in a Furoshiki, then delicately unfold it to reveal the gift, folding the cloth neatly afterward. This tradition emphasizes respect, care, and the value placed on the act of giving. In modern times, while gifting the Furoshiki itself has become acceptable, understanding its historical context adds a layer of depth and appreciation to this sustainable wrapping method.

Sustainability is the word on everyone's lips, and rightly so. With Furoshiki, there's no waste; the fabric can be reused, re-purposed, or even regifted. Beyond its eco-merits, it adds a touch of spa-like luxury — reminiscent of the indulgence and care that defines every Olverum product.


How to Wrap Using Furoshiki


Creating Your Own Furoshiki Cloth

Yes, you can! Embrace the DIY spirit by selecting a fabric that resonates with Olverum's commitment to natural wellness. Ensure it's of a quality that beckons touch and radiates eco-luxury.


Furoshiki vs. Tenugui

While both are traditional Japanese fabrics, Tenugui is typically a thin, rectangular cotton towel, whereas Furoshiki is often more ornate and square-shaped. Both have cultural significance, but Furoshiki stands out for its versatility in wrapping and transporting various items.

Furoshiki isn't merely a method; it's a statement. A statement that says you care about the environment, about tradition, and about presenting gifts with an unmatched elegance. As the festive season beckons, let's adopt practices that speak of luxury, but not at the planet's expense. This year, let every gift you give, wrapped in the embrace of Furoshiki, echo the values of Olverum: natural wellbeing, beauty, and an unwavering commitment to the environment.