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Luxury Manicure at Home

Luxury Manicure at Home

Alex Philamond ( on Instagram), luxury manicurist gives his insights on how to perfect a luxury at home manicure. 

The notion of ‘luxury manicures’ has reached new heights of decadence in recent years through the inclusion of high-end skincare into hand and nail treatments. The word ‘manicure’ denotes the treatment of the entire hand, not just the nails, and Olverum’s signature range can provide a full at-home handcare routine akin to those associated with the luxury manicurists of the now.

First, cleanse the hands of any dirt and oil using Olverum’s  Purifying Hand Wash. Not only will this wash away any lingering bacteria, but the essential oils infused into the product will leave the hands feeling hydrated and softened.

This time of year brings with it dry and chapped skin, particularly on our hands. Treat yourself to a generous squeeze of Olverum’s Body Polish and rub the front and back of your hands together, being sure to lock your fingers and work the product around the side walls of your nails. The papaya enzyme will break down any dead skincells, which the bamboo and pummice will then dislodge and sweep away in order to allow the essential oils to leave your skin feeling brightened, supple and glowing.

Once you have applied your polish of choice (I recommend Butter London’s Horse Power Base Coat, followed by ‘Proper Do’, an exquisite blackcurrant hue, and finished with their Hardwear Shine Top Coat) get comfortable and relax for half an hour to ensure the polish has dried. The longevity of your nail polish is greatly improved by preventing your cuticles and nail folds from becoming dehydrated. Drop a small amount of Olverum’s Pure Radiance Facial Oil or Firming Body Oil onto the skin surrounding each nail and work this in until absorbed.

Lastly, gently massage a liberal pump of Olverum’s Soothing Hand Lotion into the hands, again ensuring you interlock your fingers and work the product into every nook to deliver its restorative and protective properties.

The same process can also be repeated with your feet to achieve a luxury at-home pedicure. I would also recommend filingl a foot spa with warm water and adding a few drops of Olverum’s signature Bath Oil before soaking your feet.  The unique blend of aromatherapeutic oils that the stand-out product is renowned for will disperse into the air, enabling you to totally unwind and release any tension.

Try this at-home hand massage

If your hands have taken the brunt of your week's efforts, treat yourself to a hand massage.
1- Apply a few pumps of Olverum's Firming Body Oil to your hands and rub them together to distribute the product evenly and warm your skin.
2- Outstretch your fingers on one hand, and using the thumb and index finger on the other, massage each finger in circular motions, with appropriate pressure, from base to tip.
3- Next, turn your hand over and using your thumb and index finger joint, massage the purlicue (the space between your thumb and index finger).
4- Finally, using your knuckles or finger joints, massage the palm of your hand, focusing on any pressure points where you can feel built up tension.
5- Repeat this routine with the other hand.