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Fall in love with bathing again

04 Oct 2021

Ready, get set, soak…..

Chances are, the bath has been solely used by any small children that live in, or visit your house regularly - and suggestions to use it are met with disgruntled (dirty) faces. But can you remember the last time you actually enjoyed a long blissful soak? After all, there’s no better way to relax after a long day. So lock the door, ask the family to stay away and turn on the taps…

Set the scene

Begin by closing the blinds, clearing away any clutter and lighting some candles. Once you have filled the bath with warm water, drop in half a capful of Olverum Bath Oil. With sumptuously aromatic essential oils like Siberian Fir Needle and Geranium proven to ease stress and aid relaxation, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your solo soaking sanctuary. Swish your hands around in the water to spread the oil so it can protect you top-to-toe from the dehydrating effects of the warm bathwater. A word about the temperature. Trying to brave water that’s too hot will confuse your central nervous system, raise your heart rate and make you struggle to relax. Aim for around 37-38°C, similar to your body temperature. If dipping your elbow in the water for a few seconds feels warm but not hot, you’ve probably found your body temperature. 


Make it a spa

Maximising the opportunity to turn bath time into a seriously indulgent spa time, incorporate a few beauty treatments that will work their magic while you soak. For instance, pile intensive conditioner on pre-shampoo’d hair before slipping on a shower cap. The heat will help open your hairs’ cuticles allowing all the hydrating and strengthening ingredients to penetrate more deeply. Smooth on a face mask too. Whether you opt for a sheet or a clay mask is down to preference - but compatibility is key. You’ve chosen a calming bath scent so go for a nourishing, collagen-boosting mask to compliment it.

Go for soak

Step into the bath and for a few minutes do absolutely nothing but soak. This is the best part. Your breathing and heart rate will slow as you become more and more relaxed. If you’ve got a bath pillow, you’ll be wallowing in total luxury. (A rolled-up hand towel will do nicely otherwise.) Same goes for having a comfort drink close by. Keep some tea, cocoa or even a glass of wine in your favourite mug or a pretty glass within touching distance, as well as a glass of water. Whether you choose to soak in silence or catch up with Netflix/listen to a podcast/read a book/play music is up to you. Just remember your hands will be wet so keep a towel handy for screen swiping.

Smooth in all the right places

While it’s tempting to stay in the bath for the rest of the evening, soaking for too long can be counter-productive. You don’t want to strip your skin of moisture so force yourself to pull the plug after twenty minutes. Stepping out will be less of a wrench if you’re prepared with fluffy towels warmed on the radiator. Your skin will feel satin-soft courtesy of the bath oil but if further exfoliating is a ritual you love, take a handful of Olverum’s pumice and bamboo laced Body Polish and work it over your still damp skin in gentle circular motions. Not only will it buff away dead skin cells that have been camping out across your body, it will cleanse your pores and boost circulation too. Rinse any residue away then dry off properly.

Don't forget the after bath routine

Before easing on a plush robe, you may wish to lavish your skin with one last treat. Olverum Nourishing Body Oil will lock in even more moisture, plus leave your skin looking plumped and gorgeously glowy. Rinse out your hair and you’re good to go (probably no further than your duvet.) 

Applying Olverum's Nourishing Body Oil

Soaking in a bath can be a real luxury - the closest thing to scoring a spa-like experience in your own home and the perfect antidote to a long hard day. It’s the only room in the house where you can literally wash your stresses down the drain. Taking a bath is like hitting a reset button. 

Relax, retore, renew…